Their aim is to establish simple and short rules so that you can quickly go through them and so that they can be easily observed. Over all they allow us to establish a trusting relationship between you and Our goal was to avoid any unnecessary legal jargon.

1. allows you to order and buy a Fast-Kchehcking start-up certificate, in the single form of a document in pdf format, valid for 6 months and strictly confidential.

2. Once you have ordered and paid a Fast-Kchehcking certificate, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours directly into your inbox. Kchehck grants you a non-exclusive individual user license.

3. Once you will have paid a Fast-Kchehcking certificate you will not be able to exercize your right of withdrawal, since you will be then deemed to have been able to read it and therefore consumed all its intrinsic use value associated with its price.

4. For any other use of our Fast-Kchehcking certificates, please address us your request using the contact form. We will make our best efforts to provide you with an answer within 48 hours.

5. Personal data will strictly be used to process your order and keep you up to date on‘s development/ updates.